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The power of an eye pillow

People get stressed every day: the barrage of constant media, the coronavirus, economic hardship and racial injustice are just a few of the thousands of stressors we deal with on a daily basis. When this stress piles up, it may be hard to deal with. One of the best ways to remove stress is to find a quiet place to lie down and just breathe. You can do this at home or at work, any time during your day. If you can’t actually lie down - you can just tilt your head back and take a few calming, relaxing breaths. Take Two Pillows has the perfect eye pillow to hasten the process of stress reduction and to enhance relaxation. You may not be familiar with an eye pillow but it is actually a healing tool that anyone can use. Eye pillows come in various styles, designs and types of fabric. The best eye pillows are filled with flax seed. They can be unscented or filled with lavender for aromatherapy. Just place one of Take Two Pillows eye pillows over your closed eyes, or even on your forehead, and inhale deeply. Take Two Pillows eye pillows are longer and heavier than [...]

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Small Pillow, Big Results

As many yoga practitioners would tell you an eye pillow is very important for many reasons. These small pillows are a traditional accessory for savasana, the final relaxing and restorative pose of many yoga practices. And, it turns out, for good reason, because using an eye pillow is a truly relaxing and restorative experience. So what is an eye pillow, anyway, and how does it work? Read on to learn more about these simple, luxurious sleep aids and the science behind their effectiveness. An eye pillow is a small weighted pillow that you place over your closed eyes while lying down. But there’s more to the relaxing and soothing power of eye pillows. They offer multi-sensory stimulation that can bring on a tranquil, peaceful feeling, perfect for drifting off to sleep. On a tactile level, eye pillows offer the sensation of whatever textile they are constructed from against the sensitive skin of your eye area. Eye pillows are made using a variety of smooth and soft brushed cotton, brocade and jacquard as well as silk. Think of them the same way you would of luxurious sheets or pajamas, except for your face. Some eye pillows are scented with essential oils [...]

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Eye Pillows

Finding a little down time in this digital age is often difficult. If you find it hard to sit still and just unwind for a second then you’ll enjoy the benefits of an eye pillow. These lovingly hand-crafted and relaxing pillows rest firmly on the eyes and over the temples blocking out light and putting a reasonable amount of  therapeutic pressure on the eyes and ocular nerve to provide a relaxing experience. Using top quality dried lavender buds or left unscented and a variety of durable and varied materials, plus the option to customize your pillow sizes, you’re sure to find the right eye pillow for your needs.

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