This cashmere eye pillow (with a complimentary slip cover) is made from upcycled vintage cashmere sweaters and scarves. Instead of going into a landfill, we repurpose the finest cashmere. Good for the planet with a low carbon footprint and great for your well-being. This particular pillow has been designed with just the right amount of weight. You can use it as a wrist rest or as a neck warmer as well as an eye pillow. The pillow can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and the slip cover should be hand washed. Each cashmere pillow is made by hand, from start to finish. I hope you love using it as much as I loved making it. Our eye pillows help create a gentle soothing touch over the eyes and temples. For hot therapy, microwave one. For cold therapy, freeze one. Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania. Each cashmere eye pillow is filled with no less than 11 ounces of flaxseed and at least 4 ounces of organic lavender buds. The eye pillow measures approximately 10.5″ long, 4″ wide and 1″ deep. This custom-made cashmere eye pillow may vary in size slightly.