Flax seed Eye Pillows & Support Pillows For Every Body!!

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Finding a little down time in this digital age is often difficult. If you find it hard to sit still and just unwind for a second then you’ll enjoy the benefits of a flax seed eye pillow. These lovingly hand-crafted and relaxing pillows rest firmly on the eyes and over the temples blocking out light and putting a reasonable amount of therapeutic pressure on the eyes and ocular nerve to provide a relaxing experience.

Using top quality dried lavender buds or left unscented and a variety of durable and varied materials, you’re sure to find the right eye pillow for your needs.

Eye Pillows, Support Pillows, for a soothing experience, comfortable organic flax seed eye pillows and long flax seed eye pillows as well as organic buckwheat support pillows made using a variety of fabrics and lavender buds will help create a gentle and calming touch for the eyes and body.

Lavender eye pillows designed to apply an evenly distributed weight on the ocular nerve that may help with migraines and headaches in general. Great for yoga, sleeping, blocking out light as well as a wrist rest, finger warmer, sachet or neck warmer.

All our products are made to order and shipped for free USPS mail daily.

Many of Take Two Pillows lumbar and neck fabrics are purchased from American designers, creating  jobs right here at home.

Beautiful hand picked fabrics, hand painted and hand stamped batik prints from Indonesia using techniques from centuries past. Each pattern, color and texture offers you a fantastic selection for every taste and style.

Our eye pillow fabrics are selected for comfort and durability.

These soothing, weighted and functional eye pillows as well as our body support line of products will help give you some well deserved relaxation, a little help getting to sleep, some shut eye and perhaps a little break from some of the anxiety we all feel from time to time.

Your Take Two Pillows purchase will last you for many years to come.