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Soothing aching eyes

Take Two Pillows is proud to offer a variety of ambiance-setting products for your every need. From lavender scented eye pillows to 100% cotton bed pillows, we have it all.

Features section:

Perfect for aching eyes

Relieve migraines, stress, anxiety and sleepiness with just one touch. Our eye pillows give the perfect solution when you need some relief from an aching and tired eye.

No zipper eye pillows = microwavable

Microwave or freeze your Take Two Pillows eye pillow to provide warm or cold relief from headaches and other conditions. There are no zippers and no toxic beads in our eye pillows, so you can take it anywhere!

Bed is where you rest your head on

Take Two Pillows wholeheartedly believes that the bed is not only where you rest your head at night but also where you lie down to relax during the day with our variety of soft and comfortable pillows.

Get back to sleep

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? Our lavender eye and neck pillows are designed to provide you with a quick and convenient way to get back to sleep.

Features section:

A good night’s sleep

The aromatic lavender will provide a calming environment, perfect for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

No more allergy worries

Our eye pillows are made with brushed cotton, gentle brocades and organic flaxseed and lavender buds so they’re kind to allergy sufferers.

All the benefits of a deep sleep

Our pillows give you all the benefits of a restful deep sleep.

Features section:

Sleep well, live well

We’ve crafted our eye pillows with premium organic lavender and flax seed to provide you with aromatherapy benefits. We also offer a no-zipper design so that you can easily warm up your eye pillow in the microwave for added relaxation.

Personalized for you

Our one-of-a-kind neck pillows are tailor-made to suit any height, weight and sleeping position. We offer a high thread count cotton cover from a variety of batik and regular cottons to ensure comfort for all.

Healthier eyes, healthier life

As we age, the natural protective function of our eyes weakens and we become more vulnerable to eye strain and dryness. With our soothing lavender scented eye pillows, help your eyes relax and remain healthy long into your life.