The story of Take Two Pillows was one big happy accident. For Christmas in 2005, my wife received a gorgeous balsam scented sachet from a co-worker. She asked him where he bought it – and he told her that he had made it himself. He made about 50 of them to give away as stocking stuffers that year. So my wife immediately went out and bought a sewing machine. Then, she ordered 100 pounds of balsam on the internet. She just knew that she could easily make these adorable little gifts while saving us a ton of money on holiday gifting. Wow – was she ever wrong! Her sachets ended up looking like those little ashtrays your child makes in art class in second grade. 

Fortunately in high school in a home economics class I became a wizard with a needle and thread.  So I sat down at my wife’s sewing machine to make my first balsam sachet. And then I made another one. And another one. I was 37 years old at the time and I was enjoying my career as the general manager of a successful local restaurant in the Poconos in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Having been raised in Glasgow, Scotland in the restaurant business – it seemed like a good fit at the time. But then I began handing out my sachets to the waitresses at work. And to some of the chefs. And then even to some regular customers. And everyone began asking me if they could buy one, two, ten! Did I make them in blue? In satin? Could I fill them with lavender instead? And so Take Two Pillows was born.

I began experimenting with different shapes and sizes – and by 2007 I had started the journey to make a quality made in America product line. In 2008 – I made my first large batch of 250 pillows. In 2009 – 500 pillows. In 2010 – 1000 pillows. No matter how many I made – I couldn’t keep up with the demand. By 2011 – I was a pillow making machine. The response to my pillow line was enormous and heart-warming so I decided to hit the road as a sort-of traveling salesman. I would sell them to craft boutiques, yoga studios, massage therapists, day spas, health food stores. Small eye pillows, large eye pillows, eye pillows with slip-covers.

People began contacting me from all over New Jersey, New York, Connecticut. Could I make organic eye pillows? Could I make traveling neck pillows? Could I make firm buckwheat bolsters? Could I make breast feeding pillows? It became apparent fairly quickly that I needed a larger outlet to sell my products – and so I made the jump online to Amazon and finally, to my own website. And the rest, as they say, is history.  

Take Two Pillows has a pillow for virtually every occasion and condition. As a life-long body and back pain sufferer myself – pain relief, comfort and relaxation have become my main focuses of concentration. I am proud to offer eye pillows and a selection of products that can be used as neck pillows, travel pillows, bed pillows, nursing pillows, back bolsters, meditation cushions, yoga props and bolsters, lumbar supports, lap desks and wrist wrests.

I only purchase the highest quality flax seed, organic buckwheat hulls and lavender buds – always organic when possible. Fabric is hand picked to offer a large variety of beautiful and vibrant brocades, jacquards, cottons, silks and satins. Virtually all of the materials I use are made in America by small, local businesses. The authentic Indonesian batik fabric is hand-dyed and crafted in small-batches. I make and sew each and every pillow myself. 

Your pillows will be shipped quickly by priority mail the next day or same day shipping for reasonable sized orders placed before 10am on the east coast. My clients include craft boutiques, yoga studios, massage therapists, day spas and health food stores in my tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, as well as the rest of the United States.

Eye pillow slip covers should only be hand-washed and air-dried.

Flax seed only pillows are purposely designed to be thin and flat and made to conform to the shape of your face and fall gently over your temples. 

Our newest addition to the Take Two Pillows product line is our large buckwheat-filled support pillow. Useful behind the head, neck and lumbar spine, this pillow was originally designed for use while driving (lumbar support). 

Take Two Pillows is committed to donating our products to cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, as well as their families and caregivers. 

In this day and age of social media and with the constant barrage of unsolicited information, I know how important your privacy is. Take Two Pillows will never contact you or sell your personal contact information. 

If you need to reach me with a complaint, request or suggestion – please text or email me anytime. My products have been improved over the years thanks to all of your useful input.  

Please know I am very grateful for your purchase, use them in good health, be well and safe – Mark. 

Do not use our products in a pillow fight!

International shipping will be available in the near future.